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GSK at BSDHT 2013

Last year, the GSK stand focused on Pronamel and Corsodyl at the British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists (BSDHT) event, 15-16th November at Birmingham ICC.

The stand featured information about Pronamel toothpaste, which is proven to re-harden acid softened enamel and provide protection from the effects of Acid Wear.1 Delegates also discovered why Corsodyl is the number 1 dentist recommended brand for gum problems.2

Visitors also enjoyed learning more about Acid Wear in the GSK sponsored lecture, “Under attack! Helping our patients improve their defences in the fight against acid erosion” delivered by Alison Lowe on Friday 15th November.




References: 1. Hara AT et al. Caries Res 2009; 43: 57-63. 2. GSK Data on File. MMR Research, 2013.





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