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GSK shares breakthrough treatment for dentine hypersensitivity with the dental community

The Event


On 18 July 2013, GSK invited key opinion leaders in the field of dentistry and the press to the storied venue of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, to share with them the story behind NovaMin®.

Stephen Hancocks, the Editor-in-Chief of the British Dental Journal, opened the evening, handing over firstly to Dr Teresa Layer from GSK and secondly to David Greenspan Ph.D. co-inventor of NovaMin®.

Dr Teresa Layer Vice-President of Oral Health Research & Development at GSK

Teresa Layer

Dr Layer told the story of Sensodyne and NovaMin®:

  • The Sensodyne brand has specialised in sensitivity care since 1961
  • After acquiring NovaMin® technology in 2009 GSK undertook a series of research to test the efficacy of a formulation with NovaMin® and fluoride
  • In 2011 NovaMin® was first introduced into Sensodyne toothpaste

GSK and secondly to David Greenspan Ph.D. co-inventor of NovaMin®.

David Greenspan Ph.D the co-inventor of NovaMin with over 34 years of experience in the medical device industry.

David Greenspan

David gave an in-depth account of the science behind the ingredient:

  • NovaMin® enables the creation of a hydroxyapatite-like layer over exposed dentine and within the dentine tubules1-4, 6,7
  • The layer binds firmly to dentinal collagen to withstand daily oral challenges.2,5
  • This layer provides clinically proven relief from the pain of dentine hypersensitivity.8-10



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