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Press Release

Protection is one
toothpaste that
contains 7 specially
designed patient

Sensodyne Complete Protection – a complete toothpaste for sensitivity sufferers


When patients suffer from dentine hypersensitivity, as a dental professional you may recommend a specialist toothpaste to relieve the pain. However many patients seek all-round oral care benefits in addition to sensitivity relief which may prevent them from changing their toothpaste and treating the condition.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK) announces the launch of new Sensodyne Complete Protection – offering all-round care for dentine hypersensitivity patients1-6*. Sensodyne Complete Protection is one complete sensitivity toothpaste that contains 7 specially designed patient benefits*.

Sensodyne Complete Protection is powered by NovaMin® technology, a bioactive technology originally developed for bone repair. 

  • Delivers clinically proven relief from the pain of dentine hypersensitivity1-3
  • Contains fluoride to strengthen enamel
  • Helps to maintain gingival health4-6


Sensodyne Pack

NovaMin® technology releases calcium and phosphate on contact with saliva to form a layer of protection over exposed dentine and within dentine tubules7-12 which is up to 50% harder than dentine8,12. This layer begins to form from the first use7,8 and binds firmly to the dentine making it resistant to daily oral challenges such as acidic food and drinks or toothbrushing8,13-16.

Steve Makin, Vice President Sensitivity and Acid Erosion R&D, GSK comments: “NovaMin® is unique in that it's the first material that will repair the vulnerable areas of sensitive teeth using the natural building blocks of teeth, calcium and phosphorous. It really is breakthrough science that offers a real benefit for patients of hypersensitivity.”

Recommend Sensodyne Complete Protection to your patients with dentine hypersensitivity that want all-round care for their sensitive teeth.


*with twice daily brushing

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